Metaphor Monday

Metaphor Monday | Hell is a Labyrinth

The difference between a labyrinth and a maze is that a labyrinth consists of one path. There are no wrong turns. No dead ends. Just a long, winding path that feels never-ending. It twists and turns and takes you deeper into a darkness that you didn’t know existed, didn’t know you were in until it was too late and you couldn’t turn back.

When you’re in a maze you can get lost, take the same path in the wrong direction, or  spend an eternity wandering lost in circles. When you’re in a labyrinth you have a lot of quiet time to think to yourself.

(Sometimes I don’t like the quiet, don’t like to think to myself… but that’s another post for another day.)

Hell is a labyrinth, because when you’re here you know exactly where you are and exactly where you’re going, only you don’t know how long it will take you to get there and what kind of monster will be there when you do.

Some people die in their labyrinths, never making it to the demons that live at the core of it. Some people lose that fight. And for everyone else? The trek back out of the labyrinth isn’t any easier. It’s still a long winding path full of random turns and no clear end in sight. You’re tired, and dirty, and hot, and probably covered in monster blood. You’re still alone with your thoughts.

But you have to keep going.


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